Andrea Knotts Bona

As an experienced marketing executive, journalist and publisher, I have a proven record of growing and advancing organizations by developing and implementing unique content marketing strategies that deliver results and increase an organization’s visibility. I am a great story teller.
My varied executive management experience is in diverse industries, including telecommunications, technology and banking, and includes complete lifecycle B2B management, B2B direct marketing and working closely with C-Suite executives. My rare mix of content development, publishing and data-driven marketing analytics in the B2B space allows me to quickly bring results to the table, increasing revenue and decreasing expenses.
I am a collaborative leader who builds and manages highly creative, productive and loyal teams, including marketers, graphic designers and vendors, as well as working closely with Web developers to build Web sites and data driven marketing campaigns.
* Message and Campaign Development
* Membership and Event Marketing
* Corporate and Product Brand Strategy
* Staff Development and Mentoring
* Budget Development and Management
* Content Creator and Feature Writer
* Video Producer

I have a BA in Communications and Sociology from James Madison University and reside in Alexandria, Va., and Hedgesville, WV.


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